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Custom Holiday Pins

The end of the holiday season is just around the corner, but to make this one memorable, you may want to look into making some custom lapel pins.

We recently wrote about preparing for Thanksgiving. It seems crazy that we are at this point in the year already, and where that post was about businesses finding ways to say ‘thank you’ to their customers and employees, this is about all of us and the things we need to do to prepare for a Season of gatherings, family, friends, and many many gifts.

The Monterey Company has been designing and supplying companies with lapel pins, embroidered patches, key chains and coins for years now. It’s been in the last few that we have started to see a wonderful trend emerge where it’s not just businesses that call to design and order pieces, but private interest groups and families as well. We recently wrote about the Lin family and their geocoins as an example of this.

This trend is an inspiring one and we have loved watching the creativity abound as families and groups find ways to celebrate their community, camaraderie, and affiliation. Another trend we have of course mentioned is the rise in jewelry designers opting to design unique pendants for their creations.

All of this creativity gets into high gear for the holidays. Hanukkah and Christmas specifically become the big holidays for gift giving and with the economy being what it is, people are looking for ways to purchase inexpensive gifts that are still classy, long lasting and meaningful.

Lapel pins are the most popular items for this very reason. So much can be done with a pin. Metal finishes, stonework, etching, glossy epoxies… the possibilities are endless. Families will create family crests, geocaching families will design coins like the one created by the Lins that incorporate symbols that are meaningful to the whole family, others will create yearly commemorative holiday pins that feature the year they were made in and the list goes on.

Many design and order enough to send out with their holiday greeting cards, which is also become a very popular trend. Small custom lapel pins attached to a greeting card is a wonderful message that conveys attention to detail as well as a perfect way to stand out from all the other cards piling up on a mantle.

Our designers are excited to see what ideas come through in the ordering and design process. It always gives us new ideas to use for our own gift list!

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