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Build morale and reward your unit with military challenge coins.

Military challenge coins help build morale, camaraderie and give soldiers a lasting memento of a place in time. Most of the recent requests to The Monterey Company have come from Iraq.

They add company mottos along with their mascot images, including black hawks, bulldogs, eagles, and snakes. On the backside of the coin, they add many emblems, which represent different squadrons, infantries or divisions. To get them all onto a 1.75-inch standard coin, these emblems have to be reduced to one-quarter inch or smaller.

“You can imagine how small the text would be on one of those emblems,” said the art director. “The type would be 4 points or less. To compare, standard point size for a newspaper is 11 points.”

The best way to make the tiny print readable is to add extra printing, or overprinting. It’s one of the last steps in the coin-making process. After the die has been set on the coin, and the colors filled, then the craftsmen go in and the overprint the extra text.

As you can imagine it’s a detailed and challenging process. The Monterey Company charges a standard $70 set-up fee and .20 cents per coin for extra printing. Black enamel is used in most cases.

“But it depends upon the design,” adds a salesperson who specializes in military coins. “I was just working on an Air Force coin in which the dominant color was blue, so the overprinting color we used was blue.”

If your coin calls for extra printing, it’s best to put a full epoxy coating on both sides for extra protection and durability, she added.

The best part of extra printing is that you’re able to get tiny print onto an image, but unless you’re an expert, you cannot tell it was a different process. Extra printing is just an intricate part of the overall design.

The Monterey Company is a leader in the coin industry and specializes in fine details on coins. For the past 19 years, they’ve served all branches of the U.S. military, law enforcement personnel, and Fortune 500 Companies. Many of them are loyal customers with multiple orders.

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