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Great slogans and great custom lapel pins go together like politics and controversy.

Have you been watching the speeches?  The constant barrage of Facebook stream commentary?  The commercials that run endlessly on television?  (secret confession:  this Monterey writer doesn’t have a television partly for this very reason!)  Despite all of the overwhelming amounts of information being thrown at us, it’s important to stay tuned in.

It’s our civic duty here in the United States to vote responsibly and understand the issues at hand.  Often it’s hard work when you try to sift through the deluge of commercials, videos, debates, articles, and email campaigns hitting us at an hour by hour basis.  But sift we must!  How else are we to fully understand the person we are voting for and what exactly it is he or she stands for?

Here at the Monterey Company, we have been watching carefully.  We love political discourse and, of course, as you know, we love social media!  So it’s was great to see how within seconds of former President Bill Clintons speech aired, the youtube videos went flying and it was one post after another on our Facebook stream.  We love when things are viral that way, it reminds us how small the world really is and how we can connect so quickly and so powerfully.

But! We digress.  Watching the speech was an amazing study in campaign slogans.  The speech was powerful, well written and of course exceptionally delivered by Bill Clinton.  We can expect nothing less from him really.

Being the Lapel Pin makers extraordinaire that we are, words kept popping out at us for the perfect pins. Words like, Yes, Cooperation, Opportunity, Growth, We’re All In This Together, Democracy Does Not Have To Be A Public Blood Sport, You Will Feel It, This Will Change The Future For Young Americans…

Watch the video if you didn’t catch the actual live streaming speech.  It was great, informative and a piece of our history.

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