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With Father’s Day only a few weeks away, there’s still time to get that special gift from The Monterey Company, a custom-made lapel pin.

Think about the things that he’ll be doing on Father’s Day, including attending church, going golfing, fishing or grilling on the BBQ with family and friends. What better way to say, “I love you, Dad” than with his own custom-made jewelry?

Give your father a thoughtfully designed memento of your love with custom lapel pins.

Father’s day began as a complement to Mother’s Day to celebrate fatherhood, parenting and honor our forefathers. It typically involves gift giving, cards, and family-oriented activities.

In the beginning, Father’s Day was met with skepticism and ridicule, but when President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea of legitimizing the holiday, it finally took off.

Your custom-made Father’s Day lapel pins can be worn on a shirt, sweater, jacket, hat, or backpack. Many popular images include golfing, fishing, camping and grilling on the BBQ with the text, “Happy Father’s Day,” or “World’s Best Dad.” Fathers will proudly wear them all day, and maybe bring them out next year as a keepsake.

Don’t know how to design your Father’s Day lapel pin? We can help! Our experienced designers can offer you a couple of options that you can enhance to your liking. We can make them funny, stylish or modern. The best part is that your Father’s Day lapel pin will look like none other.

There’s enough time to create your custom-made lapel pin for Father’s Day, Sunday, June 14.

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