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There’s many awesome ways to celebrate Father’s Day. Our favorites include Father’s Day pins, key chains and patches.

A compliment to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is celebrated in over 55 countries. Typically celebrated on the third Saturday in June, this day is set aside to honor and commemorate fatherhood, paternal bonds, and forefathers who paved the way for us. Custom Father’s Day gifts, family meals and events are characteristic of how people celebrate this day.

Fathers do so much for all of us. We at The Monterey Company feel it is important to convey the appreciation we have for the love, support and role modeling dads lend us every single day.

For that reason, we are sharing here a list of great custom Father’s Day gifts to give the Father of your family to let him know how special he is and how much you appreciate the role he plays in your life.

1. Custom Father’s Day pins. The possibilities are endless with this. A series of Father’s Day pins can be designed by every in the family that can depict a unique message, a symbol of how you feel about him, or even seasonal pins that dad can where on his lapel when going to work. Our Father’s Day pins can also be designed and dated so that each year a new batch of lapel pins can be made and over time dad will have a gorgeous collection of creative expression given to him by his loved ones.

2. Custom Keychains. These are great and like lapel pins, offers a customized design that lets you personalize the gift. A keychain is something most people carry with them and use everyday. We love this as a custom Father’s Day gift, something that is a constant reminder to our loved one, of how important he is to us. You really can’t beat that.

3. Embroidered Patch. This one is great for our sporty dads. Especially those that coach teams. A patch with a quirky saying he likes to belt out, or with a message, or his favorite team and sports symbols are a creative and unique way to show him how special he is.

Whatever custom Father’s Day gift you decide on, remember that fathers come in all forms. Mentors, biological fathers, big brothers, uncles, and another male figure in our lives that take the time to love us, support us and teach us to be better people. The Monterey Company sends a big heartfelt thank you to all fathers out there on this wonderful day.

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