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Faux Gemstones are perfect for adding class to any pin!

Bucking broncos, roping cattle, clowns, chaps and dust. These are the things that local rodeos are made of. But don’t forget all that glittery stuff, added a customer who wanted to create a pin for the local rodeo queen. She already had created its design, which depicted a cowgirl hat, a lace corset, angels wings and a banner with text. There were a lot of things going on that pin already, said The Monterey Company salesperson that helped her. But this was for a rodeo queen. It had to have more sparkle and shine! Naturally, she recommended glitter, which is an inexpensive way to call attention to a lapel pin. At .15 cents per pin, glitter can add sparkle and shine–at an affordable price. With more than 40 different colors to choose from, glitter can match nearly everyone’s color scheme. But she also suggested adding a faux gemstone. In the center of the pin surrounded by glitter was a 3-point faux ruby. For a pin like that, the ruby was the icing on the cake It was perfect, said the customer. The queen is going to love it! For some, this lapel pin might appear too over the top, added The Monterey Company salesperson. But it was perfect for a local rodeo queen who wanted a pin that reflected her beauty, her reign, and all things rodeo. Faux gemstones are far more affordable than some people might think. They generally cost $.75 cents apiece, along with a one-time set-up fee of $50. Faux diamonds, emeralds, and rubies come to mind, but The Monterey Company’s list of gemstones includes 33 more. We also have citrine, amethyst, and topaz. Ask your salesperson to email you a sample chart. Faux gemstones are also popular enhancements to service anniversary pins. Each different colored gemstone represents the number of years with the company. You can also get away with using a smaller sized pin because you forgo extra engraving that says, ?1-year anniversary, for example, the salesperson added. In the past, gemstones have also been used on lapel pins for nonprofit organizations to distinguish different levels of giving. One look at the gemstone and you know their generosity level, explained one customer. You make sure you take good care of them. In short, faux gemstones are great for adding glitz or distinguishing status. Let The Monterey Company sales staff help you select the gemstone that’s right for your pin and organization! Call toll free 800-259-6496.

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