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These 5 things a day can keep the doctor away and you can show your support with an awesome- yet simple- lapel pin.

With all the food and health movements going on in the world, the month of September becomes a bit of a culmination of them with its ‘5 A Day Keeps The Doctor Away’ campaign.

Created in 1991 as a national nutrition education program by the Produce for Better Health Foundation, the campaign seeks to encourage and educate people on the benefits of eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day for good health. Research has shown that doing so reduces the occurrence of diabetes, different types of cancers, obesity, heart disease and many other often fatal illnesses.

This awareness month also comes at the end of a year in which famed chef and health food crusader, Jamie Oliver, filmed a reality documentary TV show highlighting his efforts to change the menus of elementary schools in the South. This show did much to raise American awareness as to the epidemic we are experiencing in unhealthy eating and the consequent diseases that come from such habits.

So this year more then ever, the ‘5 A Day Keeps The Doctor Away’ awareness efforts have a stronger groundswell of support and a better capacity to reach others.

The Monterey Company supports this effort fully and offers up our great design team to help come up with innovative and eye-catching designs in lapel pins that can help further this campaign. Using lapel pins has always been extremely successful in facilitating dialogue, spreading a message and creating recognizability in an issue, a campaign and of course in brands.

Our country’s health has deteriorated over the last few decades at an alarming rate. Our children are becoming sicker at earlier ages and all of this is due to our decline in proper nutrition. Making sure to eat 5 servings of vegetables and fruit a day is an important building block to a nourishing and healthful dietary foundation and reversing this alarming trend of relying on packaged foods and sweetened snacks.

Join the ‘5 A Day Keeps The Doctor Away’ campaign. Small groups and individuals can organize in schools, social interest groups and in hospitals through volunteer programs. This is an issue we all must address and shift our awareness on.

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