Celebrate patriotism with custom flag pins!

flag pinsOld Glory, as the American flag has been affectionately called, has been gaining popularity in our culture. President Barak Obama wore a waving American flag on his lapel during his inauguration day. And NBA basketball players wear flag patches on their jerseys, while NFL players boast flag stickers on their helmets.

American flag pins are perfect for military, veteran and civic groups as well as political associations. “Basically, anyone who wants to show pride in our country wears an American flag pin,” said one of our salespeople.

We have some American flag lapel pins already in stock, but we will gladly create a custom-made pin for you, he added.

For example, you can create a dual flag combination pin by combining an American flag with your own state flag. Or you can combine the American flag with your veteran’s association flag.

“All we’d need is a picture of your association’s flag, and we can create camera-ready artwork for you,” added one of our designers.

Another way to punch up your American flag lapel pin is by adding glitter or rhinestones to your design. Ask your friendly salesperson for details.