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Focus in on your goals with Trading Pins.

All trading pin designs need a good focal point. The focal point is the area on the pin that tends to command your attention, either by size, predominant color or shape.

Baseball trading pins tend to be larger pins, such as 1 ¾ inches to 2 ½ inches, so there’s more room to work with.

“But one of the problems with some trading pin designs is that they lack focus,” explained one of our salespeople. “Coaches will want their player’s names and numbers on baseballs, their mascot, team name, and home state. Everything will be the same size and color, so your eye doesn’t know where to go.”

When a trading pin has a lot of elements, make one of them the focus, advised our lead designer. For example, make your bulldog mascot large and put him in the center of the pin. Make the team name on his jersey smaller and the baseballs surrounding him smaller still.

“Keep in mind is that your eye will always be drawn to the light or the lightest part of any composition,” she added. “Don’t make your text or mascot too dark because it will get lost.”

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