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Unlike shirts, lapel pins are a one-size-fits-all kind of thing.

Singer Cher held up a “Free Billy” T-shirt for the cameras to help convince the Los Angeles City Council that they needed to build a “Pachyderm Forest” at the LA Zoo.

The “Free Billy” T-Shirt showed a large elephant behind bars. Billy, an African elephant from the zoo, was about to be sent off because his pen was too small. However, the LA City Council agreed to build a $42 million improved pen. In 2007, another elephant died because of an illness related to their tiny pen.

Movie stars, T-shirts, and the media all contributed to a great awareness campaign. They raised a large sum of money to help elephants like Billy get better living conditions.

“Although T-shirts are good awareness vehicles, lapel pins are better,” said one of our salespeople. “Size, fit is always problems with T-shirts, but lapel pins are attractive, sturdy and never go out of fashion.”

The “Free Billy” campaign could add a lapel pin to their repertoire that could possibly reach a thousand more supporters. We’d suggest a square pin (to resemble Billy’s confined pen), made of antique silver (to match his coloring), featuring his image and the strong text. They could be sold for $5.

What cause do you want to sponsor? Awareness pins can reach thousands and affect public opinion. Let our designers help you create your awareness pin.

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