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Raising money for your sports team or school? How about trading pins?

Trading PinsSports teams for youngsters are one of the most memorable events for them when they grow up and look back on their childhood. They are so important because they are a great way to keep them busy (and out of trouble) and to get them active and moving. Unfortunately, these teams can be seen as a luxury and do not always receive adequate funding. At The Monterey Company, we believe that it is so important to continue these events that we have come up with a way to help.

One of the major events youth sports teams have, besides their big games, of course, is their fundraising season. Equipment, refreshments, and registration fees for games and tournaments all require cash. Fundraisers are a constant part of the never-ending cycle and because of that are not often successful. Instead of selling the usual—wrapping paper, candy bars and sugary treats, car washes, and magazines that everyone already has plenty of—a great way to raise funds is through the selling of custom-made pins. An exciting way in which you can attract more customers to your fundraisers and gain more interest is through the growing trading pin drives that we are seeing more and more often.

The way pin drives work is, at the beginning of each season get the whole team together, parents included, and brainstorm some custom designs and ideas for your team’s trading pin. Some great aspects to include on these commemorative and collectible pins are the date, vibrant colors, the team’s name and logo, and numeration. A limited edition is always popular because it helps to create the feeling that what the consumer is purchasing is truly unique and valuable. They can also be purchased at wholesale prices so that you can get as many as you need and still be able to meet your fundraising goals.

Over the years quite a collection will be made and distributed, allowing for the chance to create big trading events that everyone can participate in. these can also be great fundraisers in and of themselves. When the children who create these pins grow up they will have something special to remember their team by and a great collectible to take with them.

Creating custom trading pins as a team is a great way to promote a sense of pride, togetherness, and sportsmanship within your team through the creative bonding process. They are sure to be a success at your next fundraising event to get you all of the funding that you need for a successful sports season!

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