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It’s no longer a trend, but it has developed its own line of accessories such as custom geocoins!

Geocaching can no longer be called a trend, the truth is this has become a bonafide, worldwide love affair with the outdoors and treasure hunting, all with a modern technological flair. One of the best parts of Geocaching is that entire families are playing together once more by participating in the activity.

Along with this is the chronologically numbered Geo Coin, that allows a Geocacher to leave behind a personalized coin, and then track it as it travels throughout the world. Families are beginning to make their own, designing family emblems, mottos, making a new version yearly and creating a very tangible and beautiful piece of family artwork and history. The designing of these coins is something the entire family participates in and can own as a unit, giving them pride when leaving these little treasures behind for others to find.

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