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uc alumni pinsSaying, “Happy Graduation” has never been easier with alumni lapel pins!

June is graduation season. All school levels, ranging from pre-school to college will be marking the end of a learning cycle with some type of celebration or ceremony. It’s a wonderful time for families and friends to come together to honor their student for the hard work they have put into their education with a custom graduation pin.

Graduating from a particular school always leaves a particular sense of pride in the graduate. Forever affiliated with their alma mater as an alumnus, the former student may participate in alumni associations, reunions, events and fundraisers for their schools for years to come.

Many alumni associations, particularly collegiate ones, create custom graduation pins with the school’s insignia or colors along with the university pin for uc riverside alumnigraduating year of the student now entering the association. Not only is the lapel pin their individual membership pass to events, but a symbol of the accomplishment that granted them access as a member of the association in the first place.

University alumni associations with long histories have collected these custom graduation pins over the years and display the various versions of the alumni lapel pins they have made for their members. These lapel pin displays travel to different alumni gathering events throughout the year, adding to the sense of pride and history embedded in the association.

The Monterey Company wants to send out a hearty ‘Congratulations’ to the graduating class of 2010, recognizing that the work put into education is important and often times challenging. Creating these custom alumni lapel pins always holds a special place in the heart of the company, because education is such a valuable investment to make.

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