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Although lapel pins may put some spooky fun into your Halloween, the trends of Halloween also extend to safety.

We wrote about the great new trends in Halloween trick or treating in our post titled “The Halloween Preparations Begin!”. Now its time to talk about the safety precautions needed and suggested to make this the most enjoyable day. It’s not all cool lapel pins, coins and key chains you know!

Here is a small collection of safety tips put out by the law enforcement agencies all over the country:

1. Buddy System: This applies to both children and adults. Kids alone is never a good thing and if they cannot be accompanied by their parents, which is always preferable then at least two friends at all times, a group is better. For adults, the same applies, if out in the neighborhood or at a party, it’s always good to have some company.

2. Candy Eating Rules: For kids especially… collecting all the treats in one can is in big part the goal of the evening, but all candies and treats should be inspected at home by an adult before anything is consumed.

3. Stay On Sidewalks: It’s dark, people are drinking unfortunately and the temptation to wander all over the place is great.  You want to stay clear of cars and always remain where there is sufficient light.  Many costumes tend to be dark in color and this makes it harder to see you.

4. Curfew: Have a certain time to have the kids be home. This is always important as minors by law need to be home at a certain time anyway, and it works well for adults to let someone know when they will be home so someone knows to look for you if you are too late and there is a chance something has happened.

5.  Designated Driver: For all those adults out there going to a fun and ghoulish party… always, always have a designated driver. It’s illegal to drive drunk, but on this night when kids are all out and wandering the streets, even begin slightly altered can lead to a horrible tragedy that is easily avoided by choosing a responsible adult to abstain for the evening and drive the rest of the revelers home.

From everyone here at The Monterey Company, we wish you a fun and trick and treat filled Halloween!

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