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Lapel Pins make it easy to be eco-friendly.

Each year more animal species are added to the endangered or extinct lists, and 99% of these threatened species are endangered as a result of human activities. We are destroying our natural habitats at an alarming rate through the introduction of exotic species, habitat loss, global warming, reckless development, and the constant production of pollution.

While we do these things to our planet as a collective community, there are others out there who are trying to reverse these effects by cleaning up our streams, oceans, forests, and air. These heroes are waging a constant war and fighting for the preservation of our natural resources and our planet.

However, the work efforts of these humanitarians are costly. They rely heavily on grants and donations from the rest of us. One of the ways in which we can help raise these funds is through a series of limited edition and custom lapel pins that we at The Monterey Company, Inc. have created to share with you. Each one features artwork depicting the national park or animal that your conservation efforts will be going towards. These lapel pins are gorgeous works of art that you can keep for a lifetime and pass down from generation to generation. Education is the key to every movement and with these pins that carry with them a beautiful and meaningful message we hope to facilitate this dialogue.

The Monterey Company has designed countless custom lapel pins for various amazing causes and has a long history in helping to preserve and protect our planet through the products that we offer. Protecting these endangered species and habitats is a group effort and by bringing our collective creativity to the table we can make this happen.

By ordering a custom or limited edition lapel pin you can help save the planet one species at a time. Let us know what causes you support and why you are passionate about them in the comments below.


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