Whether you are a collector or not, custom lapel pins make some pretty unique and special gifts.

Custom lapel pins have always been a favorite collector’s item and many people will try and collect every pin from a certain organization. No matter what type of business, charity, or sports team you are a part of, a custom lapel pin can be a great way to say “thank you” and get people involved with your brand. It is a fun hobby for all age groups and can be a great gift for anyway, an effective tool for marketing, or a way to spread the word about your cause.

The holiday season is just around the corner and it is the perfect time of year to order custom holiday lapel pins. You can simply add a nice touch by putting a pin on your employees’ stockings or if you want to add a label to the goody bag for your annual 10k holiday-themed race, there are plenty of great ways to use lapel pins. Here are several ideas for ordering custom lapel pins this holiday season, broken down by collectibles, gift ideas, and marketing tools.


Event Specific: Everyone loves to collect lapel pins from annual events like charity runs, holiday parties, tournaments, etc. A great addition to the event is a custom lapel pin that the attendees can collect and look back on to see how many years of pins they have collected. Make sure you have a new custom lapel pin design every year so collectors can determine which pin is from what year.

Annual Membership: No matter what type of group you have, an annual club membership pin will show that you are grateful for the support and commitment of your members. A good idea would be to have a separate pin for each year of membership, rewarding the longest running members with the most sought-after pins.

Annual Holiday Lapel: Collectors look for lapel pins of all types, including holiday pins released annually. It can be a simple design with a specific symbol or have a company logo, year, and image, but holiday pins are definitely collectible items.

Sports Trading Pins: Americans love sports collectibles and some of the cheapest items are custom lapel pins. Whether or not your team won the championship this year, your fans still want the pin representing that year’s season. If you did win the championship, be sure to make that year’s custom pins especially valuable and important to a collector’s collection.

Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift: Whether you represent a corporation wanting a custom company gift or a large family looking for something small to give everyone at the holiday reunion, everyone loves to receive a small lapel pin as a gift. It is a low-cost gift that people will still appreciate.

Awareness/Charity Support: Charities and organizations fighting for a cause never have a huge budget for schwag but they can still buy something with a lot of meaning that gets their word out. Custom ribbon pins are very popular for organizations raising breast cancer awareness, supporting our troops, suicide prevention, and much more causes. When people wear the pins during their daily life, it helps get the word out and spread awareness.

Public Service Support: Although public service support is something that is needed throughout the entire year, the giving attitude of the holiday season makes it a great time to give back to the men and women that give so much to our country. Military, Fire and Police, volunteer organizations, and much more people deserve a thank you and a great way to do that is by designing custom pins for their group.

Non-Profit Organization Support: Gather more support for your organization by handing out custom lapel pins during the holidays or maybe selling the pins as a small fundraiser.

Employee Recognition: The most valuable asset in your organization is the staff, so don’t forget about them this holiday season. Aside from any holiday bonus, cards, or secret Santa gifts, a custom lapel pin to say thank you for your hard work is always a good idea. Pin it to their stocking, attach it to their card, or hand it to them personally and the small gift will let them know you appreciate them.

Sports Team Gift: Many collectors will collect lapel pins with the favorite sports team logos, but the players on the team deserve some recognition this holiday season. A custom lapel pin with the team’s logo and the year is simple, cheap, and a great small gift to give everyone during the holidays. Players will hold on to these lapel pins for many years and look back on the great memories and camaraderie they had during that season.

Marketing Tool

Low-cost advertising: When an employee walks around with a lapel pin that says, “Holiday Sale,” people will notice and it turns into free marketing.

Free Gift with Purchase: You might not be able to lower the price of a certain item in the store, but a free custom lapel with the customer’s purchase is a low-cost method of saying thank you for shopping with us, come back soon. They will take that lapel home and have a positive relationship with your brand and service because of it.

Club Membership: Membership pins are great incentives for getting people to join and retaining current members. You can designate a specific type of lapel for new members, one year anniversaries, and senior members. Different membership levels like bronze, silver, gold, platinum are always a great way to get people to begin collecting your pins and wanting to remain a member to get to the next level of membership.

Holiday Card: If your company sends out an annual holiday greetings card, attach a low-cost lapel pin to the card to add something a little extra special this year.