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Spread the Christmas Cheer with custom holiday lapel pins!

Creativity gets into high gear for the holidays. Hanakkuh and Christmas specifically become the big holidays for gift giving and with the economy being what it is, people are looking for ways to purchase inexpensive gifts that are still classy, long lasting and meaningful. We at The Monterey Company love this time of year for obvious reasons, what with all the festivities, the weather, and of course all the amazing orders for gifts and holiday ornaments we get!

Lapel pins are the most popular items of the season for us though.  So much can be done with a pin. Metal finishes, stonework, etching, glossy epoxies, printing, photography, die struck… the possibilities are endless. Families will create family crests, geocaching families will design coins that incorporate symbols that are meaningful to the whole family, others will create yearly commemorative holiday pins that feature the year they were made in and the list goes on.

Many design and order enough to send out with their holiday greeting cards, which is also become a very popular trend. Small custom lapel pins attached to a greeting card is a wonderful message that conveys attention to detail as well as a perfect way to stand out from all the other cards piling up on a mantle. Sayings, family emblems, inside jokes, and traditional images for the holidays are just some of the things that can be designed into these small holiday card lapel pins. We have even had families that design their custom lapel pin and then love it so much that they go out and get their holiday cards custom made to match the pin!

We recommend that the entire family get involved in the design process, with discussions about what message to send this year, what colors to use, how big the custom lapel pin should be, and how many to send out. It’s a wonderfully fun activity and then when you have your idea, include the kids in working with our design team. It brings it all together and creates a sense of creativity around holiday giving that honestly? We just love!

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