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Kite lapel pins are a beautiful way to commemorate any special event. Just ask our customer, Jon.

Just to show that almost anything can be put on the face of lapel pins, one of our customers put his kite design on one.

“I love designing kites,” said Jon Burkhardt, who has been doing it as a hobby for more than 20 years now. His designs are so popular now that a company in Maryland is manufacturing them. He’s also appeared on the “Martha Stewart Show,” and has been invited to kite exhibitions all over the world.

Jon and his wife, Karen, had been invited to observe kite-flying exhibitions during “Golden Week” (April 26 to May 6) by the Japan Kite Association. Jon knew that he would be meeting a great many people and needed a small gift to give to them as a token of his appreciation. Ordering 100 kite pins from The Monterey Company was the right answer. The lapel pin was inexpensive, but personal because it had his design on it.

As guests of the Japan Kite Association, Jon said they treated him royally. He and his wife loved the kite exhibitions, marveling at their craftsmanship, speed, and unique designs.

Jon ended up giving away the entire 100 pins that he had ordered and said he could have used 100 more. “The pins were extremely well received,” he said. “Everyone was surprised and delighted to have such a nice kite memento.”

The design was Jon’s own, based on a kite he created in 1999.  “The face can be interpreted as clouds or islands and includes some sun images,” Jon said of his strong red and black kite image with an Asian flair.

He said that the kite is actually eight feet tall, six feet wide, and 54 feet long. To view some more of Jon’s kite designs, visit

In a future blog, learn how Jon showed Martha Stewart how to make a kite.

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