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Lapel Pins are a key factor in modern-day branding

A custom lapel pin is a unique pin brandishing art, design and/or metal that is often worn on clothing, bags or other soft materials. They are called lapel pins because traditionally, lapel pins are worn on the lapel of a jacket and to represent a cause, business or group. Custom pins can be made in a variety of brilliant shades, shapes, and styles including 3D, classic cloisonné, and enamel inlaid. Before lapel pins were popular in America, boutonnières were traditionally worn. Boutonnières are usually a single flower or small arrangement of flowers worn on the lapel of a jacket. Although beautiful, boutonnières offer quite a bit less of the efficiency, durability and bold, lasting beauty that a lapel pin provides.

Lapel Pin slang floats amidst our population in terms such as, “buttons” and “round-pins”. Even more antique terms such as “brooch” are applied to what is modernly considered a lapel pin. Although lapel pins are most often incorrectly labeled, America is in a frenzy for them. From jackets, hats, and bags to office walls, service counters, and classy business exemplifications, lapel pins are everywhere, and here’s why they should be a part of your business as well.

custom-guitar-pinsWith small business comes the need to advertise. At least, that’s what one might think. Here’s the catch: sporting your company’s logo with the brilliance and eye-catching design and color of a lapel pin could not only increase the traffic to your store, but it could save you hundreds of dollars. Whether you are giving your customers a complimentary lapel pin custom made for your business, or selling them, lapel pins provide an excellent form of advertising. Not only will they be looked at by your customers, but your customers will most likely wear the lapel pin. That means that if your lapel pin design is catchy, fun and creative, your customer who is wearing the pin will most likely be asked by friends, family or even a random passerby where they got the pin or what it represents. Are you catching my drift yet? Because things are about to get even better.

The largest population by age in the United States is around 22 years old. Not only does this affect the way your products are selling, but it affects the way your advertising is selling the products you sell as well. I am not in my thirties yet. I have been to a variety of gatherings, celebrations and organization meetings, such as writing clubs and hiking events. Not only am I exposed to a diverse selection of styles, people, and outlooks, but I am exposed to what they accessorize with as well. Amongst a diverse selection of earrings, plugs, nose hoops and rings, I am seeing lapel pins. Lapel pins, everywhere. Lapel pins on snapbacks, baseball hats, t-shirts, jean jackets, pants, shoes, tote bags, vests, backpacks, you name it, and lapel pins adorn it. My generation is quite fond of designs, art and

custom-3d-lapel-pinrepresenting a cause and that is exactly what lapel pins offer. They come in so many styles as well, that it is difficult to go wrong. From crazy realistic 3D lapel pins to printed lapel pins that are affordable, cute and totally and uniquely designed by you, we know that your customers love the style of your business, and now, they can wear it themselves.

Interested? Check us out! The Monterey Company was founded in 1989 with a passion for the happiness of its customers, and simply the most genuine art, design, and material there is. We support our customer’s dreams over 40 hours a week and would love to make one come true for you today with our custom-crafted, you-inspired lapel pins.

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