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Proofread! Many times companies will overlook this in a rush to get their recognition pin in hand.

2d vs 3d pins Proof1. Although the company creating the recognition pin or employee recognition pins will probably look at the order many times, typically they are working on numerous orders at the same time. To make matters worse, the recognition pin company may not understand the meaning of the customization and draw incorrect assumptions about the pin’s design. Nothing is more embarrassing than receiving employee recognition pins with egregious errors.

2. Maintaining the bottom line with low prices, must not result in the sacrifice of higher quality, classic lapel pins. Saving money is important, but if the money is being saved by producing a lesser quality recognition pin, is the savings worth it? When purchasing employee recognition pins, customers need to make sure the recognition pin company has a proven track record and possesses the ability to be innovative without sacrificing overall quality.

3. Buyers should do their research when selecting a recognition pin, determining style, quality, and overall appearance. Once determined, they should get quotes and proposals on the employee recognition pins they want.

4. If high-quality recognition pins are what a company seeks, there is no room for procrastination. Although the turnaround time for employee recognition pins is relatively short, companies should place their orders well in advance. This allows the recognition pin company the time needed to deliver quality customized recognition pins on schedule.

5. Obtaining pre-production samples is as important as proofreading. This affords buyers of employee recognition pins the opportunity to see them prior to the final product in case changes are needed.

6. Companies should ask questions. After all, it’s their company the employee recognition pins represent. If companies are not familiar with the lingo, they should clarify their understanding of the process.

7. Buyers should remember to keep it simple. Most lapel pins are branding tools. It’s a good way to spark discussion about the company, so all a recognition pin needs are the company name, company colors, or a few words about the goal or achievement if appropriate for the recognition pin. Anything more is too much.

8. As for branding, do the employee recognition pins fit the company? Companies should ask if they want their employee recognition pins to support the product or services they offer.

9. When it comes to cost versus quality, go with quality. Low cost does not make lapel pins the best choice. Recipients of customized pins can recognize shoddy quality and poor craftsmanship, as well as its tainted reflection on them and the company.

10. The big questions companies should ask are: How many lapel pins are needed? How big should the lapel pins be? Do the lapel pins require metal finishes such as shiny or antique? Will these lapel pins use soft or hard enamel colors? Would these lapel pins look better by sandblasting the recessed areas, feature epoxy, back text, clutch, or packaging? What is the production time for these lapel pins? Does the company need employee recognition pins for an event? Does the company need a sample of the artwork or the product before the final run?

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