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We really encourage you getting attached to your custom pins.

Creating lapel pins is all design, color, and content. Usually, when a customer calls to work with a designer on making the perfect pin, the last thing on their mind is the attachment. This is fine of course, as what people at large will really be seeing is the lapel pin front itself. This is really what we want to shine.

Once the design phase is over, however, the choice needs to be made, and the reality is there are many options to choose from. Some choices even give the lapel pin added use in ways that the customer had never considered. Read on through the list below. See if these options give you new ideas on what can be done with a lapel pin.

1.  Butterfly Clutch – most common backing.
2.  Rubber Clutch
3.  Deluxe Round Attachment
4.  Deluxe Clutch Flat
5.  Safety Pin
6.  Screw Back
7.  Cuff Link – takes the lapel pin to an entirely new level.
8.  Tie Tack Button Loop
9.  Tie Back Bar
10. Carabiner
11. Hook Ring
12. Flat Split Ring
13. Clip
14. Straight Pin
15. Split Ring
16. Bracelet –  now we’re talking!
17. Chain
18. Ball Chain
19. Bolt
20. Keychain Figure 8

Surely there are a few on that list that most hadn’t considered. And there are actually more options available, but these are just the first 20.  Download the PDF and grab a copy of our comprehensive list of lapel pin attachments. They are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing

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