One of the biggest mistakes customers ordering a custom made lapel pin make is not asking for a mockup or proof of their product before it goes into full production.

Any reputable lapel pin company will offer a proof, and in fact, you should run away from any company that doesn’t. With that said, it’s amazing how many people don’t make use of this essential step in the pin creation process.

By the time a custom lapel pin gets to the point to go to production, it has gone through the numerous steps, beginning with the first vision of what it will be by the customer. The pin company will and should have a designer on board that will work with the client in polishing up the design and making necessary suggestions so that the end product is the best it can be. Even though a designer at the company will have looked at the order dozens of times, typos and misspellings all too easily slip through the cracks.

You as the customer must proofread everything carefully, and then have someone else do it as well. Don’t assume that its fine by just skimming over the lapel pin. Look at it, read it, go over each word… Don’t assume that its fine by just skimming over the lapel pin. Look at it, read it, go over each word, if it contains any, pay attention to color, metals, style features, and then match those up with the original design order. Make sure to look at color, fonts, font size, finish, backing and overall size.

This is the point in the process where finding a mistake and correcting it is easy. This is the purpose of a proof and when taken advantage of, can save you, the customer, and the lapel pin company loads of time and trouble by catching any trouble now, rather than after 1000 custom lapel pins have been made and shipped to you.

What’s also important to note here as well, is that companies that offer proofs, as all should, often have in their policy that if a mistake has been made and you didn’t catch it in the proof the responsibility of the cost is on the customer. Sometimes a partial refund can be issued, but some companies don’t do this. So LOOK at your proofs! Ask for one, look at it, and then have a few others in your company look at it as well. Make sure the entire thing is perfect before it goes into full production.

About The Author: Paul Stark is the owner of The Monterey Company, a firm that specializes in producing employee recognition pins, custom lapel pins, and other custom metal products. Visit for more information about lapel pins, service lapel pins, and service pins.

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