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Lapel Pins are a key way to prepare for the presidential election!

It seems that all anyone can talk about nowadays is politics. And rightly so too, because the presidential primaries that began in February are still ongoing, and under heated pressure. With the diversity of presidential candidates this year, everyone is leaning either one way or the other, and no one, it seems, is taking this election lightly. The question streaking the nation is, who is going to win? Well, dear reader, the answer may be up to you. We know that somewhere in your heart is a fire, made of politics kindling and hungry for the win – or loss of a certain candidate’s chances of election. Why waste your time nailing political posts into your lawn and buying bumper stickers that the person behind you might not even be able to read? Introducing presidential lapel pins. Bold is the name, and winning is the game.



Hand-crafted for the ultimate political appeal, lapel pins don’t mess around when it comes to your favorite candidate. Bold, convincing and made of quality material for the premium fit, these lapel pins won’t come loose or fade away, and neither will your spirit. Promote your ideas and beliefs with lapel pins that you can hand out, wear with anything and attach to any soft surface. Not only are these custom political lapel pins great for supporting your views, but our artists can custom craft even 3D lapel pins that will make your decision stand out that much more. Don’t let your views get thrown under the bus, transform them into lapel pins that show spirit, style and the sweet promise of victory wherever you go.

In my neighborhood, many people have lawn signs up supporting different presidential candidates. Although they may have seemed revolutionary thirty years ago, they have since lost a lot of their appeal and with that, a lot of noticeability. Since everyone has a lawn sign now, it’s almost as if no one has a lawn sign and worse, the signs have become a nuisance to many neighbors and can even form sour relationships. “If I see that a neighbor is for a certain candidate that I really don’t like, I think badly of them,” says one pedestrian. When I ask her about lapel pins, she nods her head; “I see a lot of lapel pins at rallies and on people’s shirts and hats. I think they are a great way to show which candidate you stand by because you can wear lapel pins all the time, they’re not just a sticker on your car or a political shirt that you have to launder.”

The Monterey Company specializes our lapel pins in supreme quality, fine details and bold and stunning designs. We


won’t water your passions about the future of your life and your children’s lives down, and what’s more, all non-profits such as rallies and group events receive 10% off their lapel pin purchase just to make the deal that much better. It’s important to care about the situation we put our nation in because we will live that situation at some point depending on the outcome of the election. This is why we’d like to show genuine appreciation and combine your and our skills, creativity, and passion for the future. Invest in a brighter tomorrow, today, with presidential lapel pins.

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