Employers today are looking for solid ways to motivate their employees.

A great way for companies to do this is with the Recognition Pin. The Recognition Pin can be anything from Years of Service Pins, Lapel Pins, or Employee Recognition Pins. Below are the top five reasons corporations have bought into the Recognition Pin.

1. Employee Recognition

Recognition is key to employee engagement. Employee engagement leads to increased revenues, which leads to continued growth. The Recognition Pin is an easy way to say, “Thank You”. They come in a number of different varieties. Employee Recognition Pins, Years of Service Pins, or Lapel Pins each with their own specific goals. People enjoy recognition. These varying Lapel Pins are a great way to allow them to receive it.

2. Cost Savings

The Recognition Pin is inexpensive compared to other forms of recognition, especially Years of Service Pins. Customized Years of Service Pins are much more inexpensive than gold watches. Years of Service Pins allow employees to show pride in the company for which they work. Years of Service Pins are another way to thank employees for years of commitment. This Recognition Pin consistently allows companies to express gratitude. Years of Service Pins are a great way honor years of commitment. Most employees also proudly display Years of Service Pins.

3. Goal Motivation

The Recognition Pin in the form of Employee Recognition Pins also boosts morale. Employees Recognition Pins motivate employees to hit goals, or celebrate achievements. Employee Recognition Pins are used frequently to recognize when milestones being achieved. Employee Recognition Pins are also a great way to recognize specific achievements or goals reached throughout the year. Regardless of the goal, Employee Recognition Pins are a great way to call out specific achievements. Employee Recognition Pins also allow employees to brag about their specific achievements.

4. Public Relations

Lapel Pins allow for free advertising. Lapel Pins are another easy way to get the company name out there. When donned outside the workplace, Lapel Pins are a great opportunity for a person who may not yet be a customer to ask about the company and potentially become a new customer. All this because of the strategic use of Lapel Pins.

5. Relationship Building

Finally, and most importantly, the Recognition Pin affords the opportunity to continue growing relationships. When asked how they earned their Lapel Pins, whether it be a Recognition Pin, Years of Service Pins, or Employee Recognition Pins, the stories told are generally those of great service or pinnacles reached. Employee?s eyes light up as they tell them and the pride in their voice only comes out. It helps to strengthen the relationship between employee and manager, and that increased bond will continue to pay dividends down the road as continued Lapel Pins are earned for a number of great reasons.

In closing, employees love to receive Employee Recognition Pins for a number of reasons. Whether it’s a job well done, or years of service. The recognition is a great and easy way to recognize employees.

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Top Five Reasons Corporations Buy Lapel Pins