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They both might have a custom pin maker designing their pins.

What does the CEO of a large organization and your local punk rocker have in Common?

Custom lapel pinscustom shape hard enamel lapel pin are one of those things you’ll probably see everywhere, no matter what. Businessmen wear them, nonprofit organizations love them, children love them, even your local punk rocker loves them (like, a lot!). They are one of my favorite accessories, as well as my great grandmothers’. However, whether lapel pins are worn on a corporate CEO’s lapel, or on a hipster’s thrift store vest, fashion is not their only superpower. In fact, they probably have much more uses than even you realize.

Everyone loves free stuff -it’s a well-known fact. In fact, studies show that so many people love free stuff, that you can make a profit by offering free stuff. Hold up, say what? Dear Reader, welcome to the world of lapel pin advertising. Advertising that can be worn by your very own customers. Advertising that is free, convenient and efficient. Here’s how it works. Say, a customer makes a purchase from your store. You say, “and you get a free lapel pin with that!” The customer, not expecting the free gift, walks away happy, excited about their pin, and almost certain to return. However, this is just the beginning of a very wonderful chain of events.

Pins and promos: what comes around goes around.

After departing your shop, it’s up to your customer to do the rest. Lapel pins can be worn on vests, jackets, bags, shirts and even
hats. The more interesting you make the design of your lapel pins, the more likely your customer is to wear it. And when your customer wears your pin, people are going to ask about it. An example conversation may go something like this: two friends meet for coffee. One of them, your customer, is wearing their free lapel pin from your store. Noticing it, the friend says, “Wow, I love that pin! Where did you get it?” And your happy customer will say, “Oh, I got it at this awesome shop!” She will then tell her friend about your shop, the friend will visit your shop, and voila- you have just gained a customer. Easy, right?

Okay, I know it sounds too good to be true. However, I promise I am not just saying this stuff. I know it’s true because it’s happened to me, and over a lot less. For example, I’ve gotten complimentary lip balm, complimentary key chains, you name it. Getting free gifts always makes me excited to shop there again. In fact, many of my favorite places to regularly shop have been the ones that I’ve gotten complimentary items from. I also almost always wear the gift I’m given. And I always end up getting asked about it! I’ve pointed probably hundreds of individuals to different stores. It’s also really hard to get tired of accessories. And just like bracelets and necklaces, lapel pins have a special way of completing outfits. It’s really a circle of success. Your custom shaped lapel pincustomers get awesome free lapel pins and you get free advertising.

Like your business, but want more followers? Try lapel pins.

You may be asking, “Where can I sign up? Where do I start?” Actually, the answer is quite simple. To get started, all you need is actually an idea. Here, it’s not about sticking to the basics either. Our artists are extremely talented and can turn any idea into a pin design. We pride ourselves on hand-crafted, high-quality goodness. However, if you are struggling with concepts, let us help. Our experts are highly trained and qualified to design lapel pins that are just right for you. Are you interested in free advertising? Look no further.

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