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Custom coins, pins, and patches are more than just representative, they can save lives.

Pancreatic Cancer: Know it. Fight it. End it.

Often called the silent killer, pancreatic cancer often has a poor prognosis due to the fact that it is rarely detected in its earlier stages. This is primarily due to the fact that early stage pancreatic cancer shows little to no symptoms, and the symptoms that do show up are varied, and can often be attributed to other illness such as Diabetes, which can be mistaken for a primary diagnosis, when in fact it is not.

In the United States, about 42,470 individuals are diagnosed with this condition and 35,240 dies from the disease. It is the fourth leading cancer death in the United States, and less than 5% of those diagnosed are alive at the end of 5 years. These numbers are staggering in their implications. The truth is that the public isn’t as knowledgeable about pancreatic cancer as they are about breast cancer or lung cancer, but with such devastating impact on its victims, knowledge and money for advancement in research is critical.

The recent tragic news that actor, Patrick Swayze died of pancreatic cancer has brought the discussion of this disease to the forefront once more. Watching him battle the disease over the last year was hard for many, but it drove home how debilitating the disease is. With November being Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, the opportunity to continue dialoguing about it and educating ourselves and the masses about this disease is huge.

This is particularly important for research. More then anything Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month is about education, fundraising and asking people to take specific action towards the fight against pancreatic cancer.

The Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Network ( is an organization with the following stated mission: (you should include a backlink here to the post about mission statements)

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is a nationwide network of people dedicated to working together to advance research, support patients and create hope for those affected by pancreatic cancer.

As such, it is an incredible hub for information, support, and resources. This month they will also be handling a variety of fundraisers for advancement in research with a campaign that states:   Pancreatic Cancer: Know it. Fight it. End it. The color for this campaign is purple. Organizations throughout the country will be taking up the cause and help in a variety of ways. The Monterey Company is proud to be able to support our customers in these endeavors.

Corporations, churches, special interest groups, Hospitals, professional associations and schools across the country can organize a simple fundraiser by having lapel pins or buttons made that convey the message of “Pancreatic Cancer: Know it. Fight it. End it.” and selling them. The beauty of selling these items is that they are wearable, so it wouldn’t just be a matter of selling merchandise for money that can go back to the Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Network, the lapel pins and buttons would be visible, incite conversation and continual awareness that November is a month to commit to action.

Groups that are seeking to lend their support in this way can go to the Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Network website and click the “Get Involved” section to register and learn about the proper way to go about sending your collected money to the organization.

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