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obama lapel pin design

Don’t have time or yard for signs and bumper stickers? How about a simple custom lapel pin to show your presidential pride.

Election season in the United States is coming up quickly on November 2nd, 2010 approaches. Campaigns for all levels of public office are beginning to gain momentum and all candidates are concerned with getting their message out to the public.

Campaigning is very dependent on branding and so at the end of the day, it really becomes a matter of marketing your brand, which all of us know a bit about after reading the branding series we?ve have here at The Monterey Company Blog. A consistent, concise and well-constructed message is at the heart of every successful campaign.

Political candidates have many mediums at their disposal ranging from television ads, print ads, online campaigns to promotional items such as lapel pins. The key is to be seen often, be known well by the constituency in that particular election, and repeatedly and consistently deliver the message over and over again.

Lapel pins have played a massive role in political campaigns for decades because they are a powerful tool. Not only does it serve to identify constituents to their peers, but it becomes a visible reminder of a particular candidate and their message.

Having every single supporter wearing a well-designed lapel pin that projects the candidate’s name and/or motto is an incredibly powerful way to convey a message to all those still undecided. It is one thing to see commercials with one or two endorsements, but to see individual and private endorsements from everyday peers is a potent message of support and validation.

From this standpoint, lapel pins become a wonderfully affordable and invaluable tool in spreading the campaign platform and getting higher levels of recognizability. Along with this, they become a very easy way in which to gain ambassadorship from individual constituents because they, too, can aid in the process of distributing lapel pins to their peers in the community, which serves to broaden the campaign reach.

The end of August and early September is the perfect time to begin designing and ordering campaign lapel pins. This time is the final push prior to the actual election and a viral spreading of campaign platforms and candidate identity goes a long way towards ensuring that all constituents have the level of awareness needed to make the right vote come election day.

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