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“It’s not actually the lapel pin itself, but what it represents”

My mother was looking in her jewelry box the other day, and came across an old fraternity pin of my father’s. She looked at it closely and you could see in her eyes that she was a million miles away.

“Your father presented this to me at a fraternity pinning ceremony after we had been dating about one year,” she said. “All of his fraternity brothers were dressed up in their blue suits and they sang songs to us. At the end, he pinned it onto my dress. It was one of the happiest moments of my life!”

She explained that a fraternity pinning ceremony was like a pre-engagement. It meant that a couple was serious enough to stand in front of the fraternity and pledge their love. After all of these years, I couldn’t believe that she still kept that pin. I looked at it closely. It had the Greek letters, TKE, which stood for Tau Kappa Epsilon, my dad’s fraternity. He had been TKE president that year. The letters were in raised gold with a brushed metal background. Although it was nearly 30 years old, it showed little signs of age.

When I returned home that night, I looked at the pins that were in my jewelry box:

  • A Brownie pin
  • A couple of Girl Scout pins (I had been in for three years)
  • An International Girl Scout pin (when we were living at Clark AFB in the Philippine Islands)
  • Several pins from Colorado ski resorts (that I visited in high school and college)
  • A 5-year service pin from a former insurance company (where I worked)
  • An animal rights group pin (that I volunteered for)

Why did I keep those pins? I think it’s because they were a reflection of my life, the groups that I belonged to, what I loved and where I lived and played. One look at each of them sent me back in time, just like my mother.

“It’s not actually the lapel pin itself, but what it represents,” said a top salesperson at The Monterey Company. When she helps create lapel pins for customers, they reflect more than just pieces of metal, but milestones in their lives.

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