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Lapel Pins can give any story a happy ending.

It all started when Hurricane Gustav swept through Louisiana in 2008 and demolished their plant.

We were demoralized, said a customer of The Monterey Company. We needed to fire up our sales team and come out of this disaster stronger than ever. We needed to Make it Happen.

She wanted a unique lapel pin for the sales team which had many elements, including an image of a steam engine along with their motto: Be Part of the Engine that Drives Our Success. They also wanted to add another often-quoted comment, Make it Happen.

There was a lot going on for a 1.25-inch die struck pin, said the salesperson. I was concerned at first there was too much text for that size of a pin. But, with the help of the art director and a couple of revisions, it turned out well.

She also admitted that she was motivated by their unfortunate circumstances. These people had to overcome so many obstacles. The best we could do was give them an outstanding lapel pin so they could motivate their sales force, she said.

The customer couldn’t decide, so she split her 200 lapel pins between antique silver and antique bronze. We can let the salespeople pick which one they wanted, she said.

Instead of presenting the pin in a standard drawstring pouch or velvet case, the salesperson suggested attaching the pin to a custom-made card. To continue with the engine motif, she suggested putting railroad tracks around the outside edge of the card.

The customer was so excited about how well it turned out that she asked for the image to use in her PowerPoint presentation at their national sales meeting.

Furthermore, the customer recommended The Monterey Company to their sister companies. For the past 19 years, our company was built on excellent referrals like this one, said Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company.

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