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Give any Halloween event a scary edge with Halloween pins!

Professional dress code policies in corporate offices tend to be fairly strict and don’t take breaks for holidays such as Halloween.This is especially true of massive offices where meetings and sales out calls are common throughout the day.But in the day to day grind of getting work done, a little holiday celebration can go a long way towards infusing morale with some lightness and adding a sense of humanity to the company’s personality.

Halloween is one of those holidays that most of the workforce end up working on, but it’s also a holiday geared towards fun. It would be a missed opportunity to let the day pass without some form of celebration for staff. Rather than have corporate workers walking around in ghost or goblin outfits, which would interfere with work and lessen professional appearances, holiday-themed lapel pins can be just the thing to give the office a splash of fun, while not compromising the level of professionalism exhibited by the company.

Monterey Lapel Pin Company’s fast turn around allows for companies to create pins specific to their office or uniquely created by them to pass out as gifts to employees during holidays such as Halloween.Celebrating in this way can also be a great team building exercise as groups throughout the office can be formed to come up with different holiday-themed lapel pin designs with the winning teams getting their designs made up by the Monterey Company.

Some ideas for Halloween pins include:

Words such as Boo!





Small Haunted House


Black Cats

Grave Stones



Spider Webs


For design ideas and ways in which to bring your company’s designs to life, contact a sales representative at Monterey Lapel Company. They can help you formulate what you need and connect you or your staff to a design specialist that can help take you through the creation process.

Happy Halloween!

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