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Lapel pins that are made by real people are lapel pins that represent more than just metal and design.

The Monterey Company team tends to play together quite a bit. It’s really one of the perks of living is such a small town that can boast so many cool people (ahem). So this last Sunday, as is the case with most Sundays, four of us gathered at Cafe Aroma. The Cafe, in addition to being the company founders favorite hangout, and (as a result) satellite office, is hosting a weekly screening of the HBO miniseries “The Pacific.” We were there to support our friend and local resident who has a part in the show.

The series tells the story of a United States Marine Unit that fought in WWII. This last particular episode showed a scene where one Marine soldier gave his friend and fellow soldier his USMC military lapel pin because the friend had lost his. If you had been there you would have felt a little perking up happening with the four of us sitting at this table.

I almost giggled at us for being so identified with what we do as lapel pin and military coin designers and makers. If this weren’t a professional business blog I would call us lapel pin nerds, but you know? I won’t.

I also think that part of the response to the lapel pin on screen is our pride and sense of honor over being the “go to” company for military challenge coins and lapel pins. Being able to take part in the recognition of our military service men and women for the work that they do for all of us is an honorable way beyond the daily pride we take in our high-quality work.

So the show ends, we all finish our socializing and head home. And I, as I’m sure everyone else did check my email, twitter feed and facebook page. And this time I did laugh as right there on the top of my mentions column for my Twitter feed was a comment from our Operations Manager, Rachael, that read, “@TheMontereyCo @ElenaRego did you see the prominent placement of the lapel pin on tonight’s episode of “The Pacific?”

Ummm… Of course, we did!

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