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Lapel pins help your volunteers feel like a big part of the progress.

A South Korean customer wanted to create an elegant lapel pin in the shape of a peacock. It was meant to recognize their growing number of young volunteers.

Our designer gave her two options, one with the tail feathers up and the other with them down. The final image depicted a peacock with an elongated neck and jewel tone feathers cascading behind its back. And tucked away in the tail feathers was a “secret” heart.

“Our volunteers are ‘good as gold,’ and only they know there’s a shiny gold heart hidden there,” said the customer.

“The lapel pin had to be colorful and elegant, much like fine jewelry. Classic New Enamel was a natural fit,” said our salesperson. “That style offers a large range of PMS colors needed to pull off that colorful design.”

Since the pin was only 1.25 inches, each of the tiny individual colors on the peacock’s tail feathers stood out. “There was a clear distinction between several dark colors that were next to each other,” added the salesperson. “It’s like they’re recreating all the different colors in a painting. They’re perfect.”

The peacock pin was much better than the customer had imagined. “Classic New Enamel is similar to Cloisonné in its elegant style, but surpasses it with its wide array of available colors,” she said.

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