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UCI lapel pin
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Latino medical students nationwide are working together to help each other professionally and to improve the health conditions of their community.

The Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) has active chapters at many large universities, including UC Irvine. Recently, Reuben Paul, a medical student from UC Irvine School of Medicine, worked with designers at The Monterey Company to create a special medical lapel pin. It would be awarded, he said, along with a certificate, “to Latino health professionals and community members who demonstrate outstanding educational service to Latino patients.”

The medical lapel pin is similar to LMSA’s national pin that depicts the medical caduceus (a winged herald’s staff with two serpents).  However, instead of an all-white pin, Reuben chose one with raised antique bronze lettering enhanced with red enamel. The overall look is regal and attractive. At the top, the words, “education” and “service” are written in Spanish, while the group’s initials, “LMSA,” anchor the bottom.

Reuben was pleased with the design of the medical pin that signifies a continued commitment to education and medical improvements in his community. He was encouraged that another Latino medical group, the Diversity Coalition at UC Irvine, had asked him to design a medical pin for them. Naturally, he will be working with The Monterey Company again, he said.

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