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Don’t let heavy pins weigh you down. Try etched soft enamel trading pins.

CUSTOM ETCHED PINSEtched lapel pins are a best seller among baseball teams because of their perceived high quality at an affordable price.

“The older players tend to prefer Etched Soft Enamel because they’re also lightweight and allow the metal to shine through,” added our salesperson with experience in trading pins.

The coach from the Franklin Knights baseball team wanted a large, yet lightweight trading pin that wasn’t printed. “Etched soft enamel was the perfect solution,” said the salesperson. “You pay a little extra, but it allows the metal to shine through.”

The 2-inch trading pin depicted a large side view of a horse’s head superimposed over an oversized baseball. Around the outside edge of this custom-shaped pin was the text, “Franklin TN” and “Knights.”

“It was a simple pin, yet the sheer size would have weighed down their team’s jerseys,” explained the salesperson. “Yet, with Etched Soft Enamel, the colors were bright, the pin was lightweight and the metal shined through. What more could you ask for?”

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