Making Your Trading Pins Unique – Part 1: Adding a Slider Pin to the Design

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Sliders make your trading pins unique.

Sliders are a popular enhancement to many baseball trading pins. They get their name because they actually slide a short distance across the main pin.

Some early popular sliders showed a baseball player sliding into home base, or a rocket lifting off into space. Yet, sliders do not necessarily have to slide along a straight line.

Designers at The Monterey Company have become more creative and made sliders arch along the side of the pin or jump across a field. Sliders can be placed just about anywhere to enhance your design!

They don’t necessarily have to be limited to the shape of baseballs either. One customer asked The Monterey Company to create a slider in the shape of an airplane. He wanted to depict where his team was traveling across the United States on their way to Cooperstown, NY.

Sliders take time to construct and set up, so there’s a one-time set-up charge of $60, in addition to the price of the slider. Just like the main pin, sliders are priced according to quantity.For 100-200 pins, sliders cost $1.12 each; for 300-500 pins, sliders are .92 cents each and for 1,000 to 2,000 pins, sliders are only .77 cents each.

The main thing about sliders is they make trading pins look really cool! With a slider on your trading pin, players from other teams will definitely want to trade with you! Another good thing is that sliders do not wear down over time. They still look good years and years later on!

For more information on how a slider can make your trading pins truly unique, please contact The Monterey Company at 1-800-259-6496.

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