Have fun with carnival season by getting custom Mardi Gras lapel pins made for your group!

Mardi Gras or Carnival season is the name given to the carnival celebrations that take place around the beginning of the Epiphany and ending on the day before Ash Wednesday. Catholic in origin, Mardi Gras has surpassed the restrictions of being celebrated by just those that are Catholic and include all those revelers who love to indulge in all things hedonistic and dramatic.

Thousands of revelers from around the world will be flocking to the streets in crazed celebration of Mardi Gras, which literally means “Fat Tuesday” in French. Called such because before the season of Lent begins, where many things are to be denied in an act of pious sacrifice, celebrants indulge in all manner of things. Indulgences include, but are certainly not limited to, rich fatty foods, dancing, costumes, masks, overturning social conventions, parades, competitions, and of course all manner of other debaucherous behaviors!

Here in the United States, from a business perspective, Mardi Gras generates more than $1 billion in revenue for New Orleans each year. Despite the sluggish tourism industry, hotel bookings in New Orleans are ahead of last year’s schedule and this year may be its best year yet. Costume making for each year’s event begins the year before, with Mardi Gras pins, jewelry, masks, embellishments and parade routines prepared and practiced for months on end.

Here at the Monterey Company, we sit back in a bit of envy over not being able to join in on the fun. Typically, around this time of year, we are quite busy filling custom lapel pin orders for school proms, sporting events, and graduations. But what we do love and get a huge kick out of is being able to help you create custom Mardi Gras pins for costumes, parties, and gifts to throw at the paraders while they march and dance by in the streets below the watcher’s balconies.

Each year brings bigger, better, brighter Mardi Gras pin ideas and we love it! Getting pins made with The Monterey Company gives us a chance to revel with you! Give us a call today and get your custom Mardi Gras lapel pins made. Time is running out!