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What is a Mascot Pin?
How Does a Mascot boost team spirit?

A Mascot is a person, thing, or symbol designed to bring luck to a group – usually an academic, sports team, or interest group. It stands to reason then, that Mascot trading pins are the lucky charms of the custom trading pin world. We like to think that every time we get an order for a custom designed mascot pin, some of that luck rubs off on us too!

Mascot pins are a great way to create school and team spirit, bonding fans and players alike to the group. Mascots become the face of school or university teams and are sold in both student bookstores as well as online. Everyone wants to support their team and these fun custom school pins become a huge demand item in that pursuit.

Mascot pins for school or university teams can be designed in many shapes, sizes, and custom colors.  Team and school colors, logos, names, and slogans can be added as well, and different styles of pins can be made for each type of fan. Styles like Printed, Classic New Enamel, and Promotional Iron are great choices for these custom school pins.

What makes Mascot Trading Pins so much fun to make is the variety of subject matter and design elements that can go into them. A rising trend now is also to make a select small production of the Mascot Pin in a 3D Cast.  These are smaller, classy and denote a higher value, typically used as gifts to coaches, assistants, support staff and donors that keep the sports team going.

In the end, what makes Mascot Pins so much fun is that they’re about a mass group of people wishing their favorite team luck. They wear these custom school pins as a sign of support, admiration, fan following, and always, the wish and prayer that this team will win.  Team spirit is about these things and The Monterey Company can certainly relate to that, having a few favorite teams of their own!

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