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Feeling Patriotic? Celebrate Memorial Day with Memorial Day Pins!

We honor all who have fallen protecting our freedom and those who continue to do so. During this holiday, Memorial Day parades are often thrown, offering unique opportunities to relate and remember how lucky we are to live normal lives because of those whose lives have been taken. Originally dubbed Declaration day, Memorial Day is also an excellent way to promote the public’s investment in our troops, so that we can ensure that the health and happiness of the general population go unscathed. A very reverent and creative way to draw awareness to our troops is something that I personally love, and something that you can design for your own Memorial Day event, party, parade or gathering –Memorial Day lapel pins.

Memorial Day pins are really wonderful because they draw together the love that we hold for our country, the love that we hold for those we’ve lost, and the love that we hold for those who are still sacrificing. Memorial Day pins are also unique because you can design them yourself, which means that every lapel pin that you make is unique to only you and your peers, and holds a meaning that applies directly to your event. These patriotic pins are artisan crafted from your choice of metal and because of this, they never lose the value or appreciation you put in them. Whether you design your Memorial Day pins in a classic style, with camo or the colors of the American flag, or in a more detailed style, these lapel pins are sure to shine with the gratitude, support, and love that we all feel for our brave troops on this special holiday.commemorative-coins-veterans-service-coin_reverse

When I got my first Memorial Day pin at a Memorial Day parade my hometown was hosting, I could tell that the patriotic pins meant more than just metal and colors to the woman who was giving them out. Although she may have been serious at the time, I could tell that she loved smiling by the lines around her face, and when she gave out the lapel pins there was a certain tone to her voice that proved to me that the patriotic pins meant more than a holiday to her. The design was intricate and carefully etched into the gold base and lots of people were also taking the lapel pins and putting them on their jackets, hats, bags, and shirts. People were even exchanging conversations over the lapel pins, and I really felt touched that that simply one woman’s passion could bring other people together and increase the spirit of Memorial Day by so much.

There may be lots of different ways to express thankfulness on Memorial Day but to me, none compare to Memorial Day lapel pins. These patriotic pins prove that Memorial Day isn’t the only day we can be thankful for our troops and that even though Memorial day may be the only collective day that we celebrate our troops, their sacrifices and bravery don’t ever go unnoticed.  Show that the lives of the troops we’ve lost don’t lose meaning until we say so and show your gratitude and American spirit by designing your own patriotic pins, today.

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