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Portuguese Water Dogs (PWD) have come into favor now that President Obama has welcomed “Bo,” a 6-month-old male, into the White House. After the election, Obama had promised his two girls a new dog. Then the nationwide frenzy began.

The choice had to be one that didn’t shed because of Malia’s allergies. They also wanted an active dog to match their lifestyle. A Portuguese Water Dog is the perfect fit, experts say, because it had a good temperament and was originally bred to pull Portuguese fishing boats.

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Adult female PWDs weigh about 40 pounds, while males range from 50-60 pounds.  The dogs come with curly or wavy coats in a variety of colors. Obama’s “Bo” has a wavy black and white coat.

“They’re very smart dogs, love water and like to always have something in their mouths,” said one PWD breeder. You can even train them to fetch the paper or take dirty laundry to the laundry room. However, with the chaotic lifestyle at the White House, “Bo” will likely need lots of long walks to be mellow around people.

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