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Metal finish on a custom coin can change the entire design.

die-struck-bronze-lapel-pins-beartooth-rendezvous-2012-pinCustom Metal finishes on custom pins and custom coins come in a big variety. Gold and silver tend to be the first thought of options, but there are other metallic metals that should be considered for your custom piece due to their unique characteristics. Silver is by far one of the most versatile and elegant metals. It is also one of the most popular when it comes to metalwork. Many people do not immediately think of copper when creating a custom metal product. However, it is one of the most malleable metals and creates a unique and beautiful piece.

Silver is a smooth metal that is cool to the touch with a light and airy feel. It can be polished to a glass-like sheen, etched, or textured to have an antique look or gorgeous patina that gives it a sense of history. This metal is perfect for a contrasting finish
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because as the base metal it surrounds other metals such as gold, brass, and copper to create a luminous effect that tells a potent story on your custom lapel pin, medal, or coin.

Even though copper may not be the go-to choice when minting a custom metal product, it is still a very viable option. Copper is warm, malleable, and gives off an antique feel that speaks to all eras of history, both past, and present. If you look closely at a coin made of copper, you can see that it has a distinctly unique and antique look and feel when compared to coins of more popular pewter or silver. Copper is an especially excellent choice for your custom metal piece if you are attempting to achieve a historical feel or creating a piece for a historical or restoration society. Challenge coins are one of the most popular items to be done in vip-pins-silver-eagle-pin_gemstonecopper due to the historical feel that it creates on the pieces.

If looking to create your own unique coin, medal, or lapel pin consult with one of the design experts at The Monterey Company and they will help you choose the perfect metal to achieve the look, feel the texture, and design that you are envisioning for your custom piece. All of our pieces are made from the finest quality metals, and all design and artwork are added at no charge to you. Simply follow these easy steps to get started on your custom piece today!

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