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Custom military pins are a great addition to any outfit.

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One case of a branch who uses military pins is the Air Force. A popular design for these lapel pins is Arnold wings. Named after the Air Force General in WW II, the pin was first made popular in the 2000’s. The military pins’ original design shows the USAF history and shows promise for the future. From this design, Arnold wings pins can be made two ways.  One of the ways is making the pins with blue and silver colors. These pins are classic and sharp and will be loved and worn for years to come.

Another wearer of military pins is the army itself!  For these pins, one usually chooses between two design options. The first option is the army logo and shows a white star with a yellow outline that has black tones. Lots of people who support the army wear these pins daily. The other option for military pins for the army is the Department of Army logo. This pin design was first used in 1974 and shows the U.S. Army seal and the US flag. Usually, this design also shows the year the army was established in 1775.  Army troops may be more likely to wear this lapel pin, but civilians can sport it too. With each rank and branch of the army, there are different designs as well. This makes it easy to choose a unique design every time! Many members of the US Army choose to wear military pins to show support and loyalty.

The US Marines or USMC is also a proud wearer of military pins. On their pin, they typically have the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.  Small differences are made to the design if the wearer is a drafted Marine or an officer. This military pin would look great in any outfit and especially in the navy blue attire of Marines. One way the Marines show honor is by putting their motto, Semper Fidelis meaning “always faithful” to it. Wearing these pins is a great way to show faith in such an important branch of the military!

One seal that looks great on military pins is the US Navy seal. Their seal shows an eagle spreading its wings as though it is protecting Navy ships. This logo shows protection for our country and is very meaningful. Because the Navy seal has US colors, wearing these military pins is a great way to represent our country!

There are so many branches of the US military that each pin is meaningful for different reasons. Whether one wears a sharp Airforce pin or a supportive Army pin, both are patriotic. Either way, both pins show support for our country and are carefully made to show the branch the pin represents.

A great addition to military uniforms is military lapel pins. These pins show support for our country and can also be worn by civilians on a special holiday or in memory.  Military pins can even be worn daily to show loyalty to our great nation! Feeling patriotic? Design military pins with your logo for any event or day by filling out a quote request today!

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