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The happy medium between modern technology and baseball is right at your fingertips, whether you realize it or not.

When you think of the World Series, naturally baseball comes to mind. “Our softball team is going to the World Series, and we need a knockout trading pin,” announced one team mom from Wyoming to a salesperson at The Monterey Company.

“We wanted something modern, you know, that the girls use all the time, but with a baseball theme,” the customer said. She offered two of her team’s ideas: a cell phone and an iPod. The designer at The Monterey Company offered the cell phone version with a blinkie and the iPod version with a screaming baseball spinner where the center dial is located.

“The team’s colors were neon orange and blue, so it was easy to make the cell phone and the iPod splashy and fun,” said The Monterey Company salesperson working on the trading pin.

Once the two designs were completed, the team mom presented them to the group and everyone voted. “They liked the iPod hands down,” she said. “But they thought the screaming softball spinner’s face looked like it was crying instead of sneering. We wanted something that looked a little tougher.”

So the designer made an adjustment to the spinner’s face, making it look tougher, then added an interesting element of his own. “He added iPod headphones and curled them around the bottom, so they looked like a girl’s arms and hands were on her hips,” added the salesperson. “It was a nice effect because it made the screaming softball face look even tougher.”

The customer loved the effect and was certain that it would be a highly tradeable pin this year. Because it had the modern technology merged with a baseball theme and the spinner,” the salesperson said.

Generally, trading pins with spinners and blinkies can garner up to three pins in a single trade. The main thing with trading pins at the World Series, Cooperstown or any other league event, is to have the most popular pin.

Naturally, trading pins made by The Monterey Company rank among the top trading pins each year because of their unique designs and quality craftsmanship. Couple that with excellent customer service. “That team mom came to us with an iPod idea and walked away satisfied with a very tradeable pin for her team this year,” said the salesperson. “It gives us a lot of satisfaction and helps us build a good relationship for next year. You can bet they’ll be back!”

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