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Our custom biker pins are made to order!

The tough motorcycle gangs of the 60s have made way to motorcycle clubs, that are friendly, freewheeling, and often promote charitable events.

The Redwood Riders, Road Queens, Over the Hill Gang, Chrome Divas, Motorcycle Ministry and Bikers Against Child Abuse are some of the club names listed on the web.

Many of these clubs host motorcycle rallies during the spring and fall (peak times for cooler riding weather) and donate the proceeds to their favorite charities.

They create their special rally lapel pins with the help of the designers at The Monterey Company. Many organizers have found that lapel pins are preferred over biker T-shirts. “I’ve got a million T-shirts, but I can put a lot of pins on my jacket or vest, and keep them there all year,” said one customer.

Bikers and riders like to collect the pins as a status symbol. Some clubs change their lapel pin design, while others prefer to keep the same design, but only change the year.

Some of the more popular images include a silhouette of a motorcycle, a chopper, a hog, their home state and name of the club in brushed metal letters.

One popular lapel pin depicted a Santa Claus riding a motorcycle with a bag of toys on the back. The rally was held during the holidays each year, and the money raised went to the “Toys for Tots” charity.

Let us help you design your club’s next motorcycle pin. All you need is a photo or an idea, and we can take it from there!

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