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The Biggs Chapter of H.O.G is really into lapel pins, and with good reason.

The Biggs Chapter of H.O.G. (Harley Owner Group) is located in North San Diego, California. This innovative group has taken its roots from the 60’s and evolved into a community that provides on-call rides to the public within 100 miles of San Diego. Rides are rewarded with The Monterey Company’s ever-popular lapel pins and come figuratively at just the expense of the thrill it takes to get to the destination.

The Biggs Chapter of H.O.G. is innovation at its most adventuristic. They are located in North San Diego, California. They are one of five chapters of motorcycling groups in California and specialize in providing an efficient and breathtaking means of transportation to the eager public. They have been a customer of ours for over fifteen years, rewarding each customer a custom made Monterey co. lapel pin per experience, per trip. Not only is H.O.G our customer, but they are also a part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, creating happiness one lapel pin at a time.
Ride or die? Die Struck lapel pins, that is. The Monterey Company is proud to be a part of H.O.G.’s business. We work side by side, season to season to create a professional, memorable, and rewarding lapel pin for each of H.O.G.’s passengers. For every one trip a passenger completes on one of H.O.G.’s prodigious Harley’s, they are rewarded with a red lapel pin. For every five, they are rewarded with a blue lapel pin, and for every 25, they are rewarded with a white lapel pin. These custom lapel pins show other members of H.O.G. their experience level with the group and stand as a sentimental prize for the passion. They also provide lapel pins for every 100 rides and 500 rides.
Nowadays, instead of forming tough gangs of thugs, motorcycle groups take pride in contributing to charities and fundraisers. During the holidays, The Monterey Company produced unique custom lapel pins for H.O.G passengers and holiday rallies that showcased Santa Claus riding a Motorcycle. Funds from the rally and passengers were donated to Toys for Tots. Other fundraisers have been held by The Biggs Chapter of H.O.G. and The Monterey Company continues to supply reward and demand for and from the customers with custom lapel pins.
The Monterey Company takes pride in its merchandise. We have over thirty years of experience, producing and supplying over four million products to a variety of businesses and groups in six continents and have participated in wildlife rescue and the encouragement and happiness of teams, groups, workspaces, consumers, and many other organizations. That’s why when it comes to supplying your establishment with lapel pins, patches, coins and charms to promote your product, we’ve got it down. Rick S., the Road Captain of H.O.G agrees and says that we have been nothing but reliable, efficient and simple in our fifteen years of working together. They enjoy that it takes figuratively the click of a button to become approved and complete their order and Rick mentions that our product has always arrived on time for him and his customers. We look forward to many years of service to his group to come, keeping H.O.G. and their consumers happy, and are excited to invent many more lapel pins, patches and reward coins for H.O.G.’s innovative, inventive and idealistic future.

Best Quality PinsDoes your business or group need a certifiable pick-me-up? Not to worry, it’s what we’re best at. Whether it’s rewarding employees for hard work in order to guarantee employee satisfaction or sponsoring your business one lapel pin to a person at a time by providing your customers with a unique complimentary promotional lapel pin, we are here for you every step of the way. No one does business like us and to prove it, you can start a free quote today, right here!

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