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2011 is here, and so are custom New Year resolution pins!

2011 is here!  First, we at the Monterey Company want to wish you a good one and an even better beginning.  2010 was a year of tremendous growth and creativity and we thank all of you who joined our family to make that happen, both team members and clients!

One of the things we are excited about this year is how we are taking our mission of supporting the act of recognition and reaching into the arena of personal goals.  Its typical that we provide recognition custom lapel pins for company, teams and schools to name a few.  But individuals are now creating custom lapel pins to either remind them of what their New Year resolutions are, or to commemorate the accomplished goal once it has been achieved.

How can we not get behind this?  People committing to recognize themselves for a job well done?  We think thats just awesome and say go for it!  And… we should all be doing it.  How many times have you written down resolutions only to find that list a year later and having not only forgotten it, but also realized that you had indeed accomplished several of those goals, but never stopped long enough to actually acknowledge that you had done so?

This is not good.  Nor recommended.  Nothing beats the gratification of knowing you set out to do something and did it.  The small ritual of literally recognizing yourself and giving yourself a token of accomplishment is a powerful exercise indeed.  Imagine how great it is for kids!

Call us today.  Our designers are dying to help you with this project and can’t wait to hear what goals you have set for yourself this year!

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