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Lapel Pins are an essential way to gain members for your organization.

Being the founders or leaders of an organization is not a role for the weak-hearted. In fact, it requires action derived from die-hard passion, ideas for and from the heart, and words that motivate not one, but thousands, if not millions of individuals. However, raising exponential awareness also means getting financial attention from donors. As it turns out, it is very important to thank the donor. Just like thanking relatives or friends for gifts, acts of gratitude such as the custom lapel pins we discuss in this article, encourage donors to contribute to the non-profit organization again, and in some cases, even more generously.  Non-Profits motivate healthy and necessary change in the way the world thinks and sees things through various fundraisers and charity events, but these organizations would very likely not exist without donations. Encouragement, such as creative promotional lapel pins, seems to hook donators faster than ever.

Crafted by hand and custom made with the soul of the organization in mind, ‘thank you’ has never been more customizable or unique to the non-profit world. From diamond adornments to colored jewels and more, recognition pins make it easy to individually celebrate the growth of a non-profit organization –and the world. An idea powered by people should also mean people powered by ideas, and that’s just what these pins have to offer. Whether you are from Germany, Mexico, Africa or the United States, this radical way of saying thank you, doesn’t have anything to do with language, yet it is revolutionizing the way that non-profits receive donations. Pins have really changed the means of efficiency, cost, and variety with which we say thank you to our donors. While lapel pins are small, they are emotionally the biggest token I think we can give to express our gratitude.

Ryan Peterson is the founder of a non-profit organization that raises awareness of heart disease, a disease that affects hundreds of thousands of Americans and kills over 610,000 a year. He continues to say that since his organization began using custom non-profit pins as a way of showing gratitude to his donors, he noticed an increase in donations and a decline in the overall cost of materials as they used to thank their donors with more time consuming and expensive gifts such as custom hats and tee-shirts. “Saying thank you with lapel pins gives the same amount of recognition and gratitude as shirts or baseball caps, but spends less money and less time. This leaves us with happier contributors and more money and time saved to increase public awareness.  In the end, that is ultimately the only thing that matters for my organization.” awareness-pins-blue-ribbon-pin

For years now, non-profit organizations such as Ryan’s have been creating custom lapel pins as their primary way of saying thank you to their donors and supporters. Without funding, Ryan’s group would never have achieved the level of success it currently possesses. Showing gratitude to his contributors accounts for a noticeable portion of the donations he receives today.

Encourage participation from the public for your non-profit organization with custom pins and receive an extra 10% discount for filling minds with revolutionary ideas. Spend less money looking to the future, and more money advancing towards a better one.

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