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Nursing Pins and Years of Service Pins for Nurses
Their good looks and great meaning aren’t the only reason hospitals love nursing pins.

These nursing pins can be customized to distinguish the areas of nursing in which each of the staff may specialize.

Being on the constant ready, having to balance doctor’s schedules, and handling a hundred other emergencies is just a brief glimpse of a nurse’s day.

Many times, being a nurse in a hospital is a thankless job. Hospitals have found that people who get into nursing truly love their jobs. With the use of nursing pins, hospitals can recognize that love and keep their staff motivated and energized.

Here are the four top reasons hospitals love using nursing pins within their organization.

Achievement Recognition

In general, people want to do good work and given the opportunity to do so, they will. This is no different in nursing. That being said, when people do a great job, they also want to know the hard work they do is appreciated. Hospital leadership teams around the country love nursing pins because it is an easy and affordable way in which they can recognize the nurses they have on the front line. Nursing may be one of the hardest jobs on the planet, but by using these pins, a hospital’s nursing staff will definitely know their diligent efforts are not going unnoticed. These nursing pins are a great way to call out individual achievements on staff.

Distinguishing Levels of Nursing

There are also a number of different types of nurses working in a hospital. These nursing pins can be customized to distinguish the areas of nursing in which each of the staff may specialize. These nursing pins can help easily determine which nurses belong to which areas of the hospital as well as their specific areas of expertise.

Seniority Recognition

Just as people like to be recognized for individual achievements, they also like to be recognized for their loyalty. These pins can be used to recognize individual years of service. Not only does this award the nurse for their dedication, but as a side benefit, it can also instill the confidence patients may have in their nurses to be able to provide them with exceptional care. For a patient to be able to see their nurse has 20 years of experience may place their mind a little more at ease while they are in the hospital.

 Brand Recognition

In many cities and towns across America, there are a number of hospitals from which people can choose to go. In situations not dictated by emergency or the need for a specialist, many people choose hospitals based on the service they receive. When the nursing staff proudly displays these pins they have received from the hospital, it provides some additional marketing for those who may otherwise be unfamiliar with their options. These nursing pins serve as talking points and may increase additional business when people have a choice for where they would like to go to receive their medical services.

In the end, these nursing pins serve a number of great purposes, but many of these benefits can be found using similar pins in many other businesses, schools, and organizations. There are emblem manufacturers such as The Monterey Company that specialize in lapel pins, medical pins, college pins, university pins, metal emblems, OEM emblems, custom medals, and custom medallions.

Increase overall productivity and potentially increase business which points to some additional reason why hospitals love nursing pins.

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