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At The Monterey Company, we can easily recreate Obama Patriots for Peace lapel pins for you!

Weeks ago, Democratic Presidential Candidate Barak Obama made negative news on the Internet when he was seen not wearing an American flag lapel pin. He told the media that wearing or not wearing a lapel pin wasn’t a reflection of his patriotism. Recently, however, a photo of Obama was seen circulating the Internet sporting a new lapel pin with the inscription, “Patriots for Peace.”

A spokesperson for the Obama campaign stated that the senator was greeted in El Paso by a soldier who was set to deploy to Iraq on his fifth duty tour in six years. The soldier said that he had worn it on his uniform in Iraq since 2004. He asked Obama to wear it as a sign of his support to end the failed occupation of Iraq. Obama said that he would be honored to wear the pin. Obama’s new American patriotic pin is round with a cropped section of a red-white-and-blue American flag in the center. Over the flag is a white line drawing of a peace sign and around the entire edge in raised metal letters is the inscription: “Patriots for Peace.”

At The Monterey Company, we can easily recreate a similar Obama Patriots for Peace American patriotic pin for you!

The Monterey Company’s president is enthusiastic about creating pins that reflect American patriotism. For years, his company has created American flag lapel pins, Vote pins, as well as military pins and challenge coins for all branches of the U.S. Military.

“We’ve become experts in promoting patriotism,” said Paul Stark. “Given Obama’s popularity, this could be a popular pin for years to come!”

To order your American patriotic pins, call The Monterey Company today, 1-800-259-6496.

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