Bulk Pins are less expensive than buying just a few.

Many potential customers ask The Monterey Company for a quote for a small quantity of lapel pins. “I only want 10 or 20 of them, can you send me a quote?”

Oftentimes, they’re surprised to find that 30 pins can cost nearly as much as 100 pins. “What they don’t realize is that the time, set-up and materials are the same for one pin as for 100,” explained a Monterey Company salesperson. “When our factory puts together the die or plate, it takes a lot of craftsmanship and time.”

Pretty soon, The Monterey Company web site will feature a variety of short-run videos (like those shown on UTube) about how lapel pins are made. “Most customers marvel at the end product, but they don’t know how it all begins,” said Paul Stark, president of The Monterey Company.

The videos will depict the meticulous process of making a lapel pin, step by step. The artist, who is adding these short videos to the web site, said he’s seen them all.

“I have a newfound respect for all of the craftsmen who are working in our factory,” he said. “It’s amazing all the steps it takes to make just one pin. And you should see all the tiny tools and brushes they use!”

These videos will help customers who only want small quantities understand why The Monterey Company must charge a proportional amount.

“We welcome small quantities of pins, and are prepared to create as many or as little as you want,” adds Stark.

One Monterey Company salesperson had a customer who wanted just one pin. “It was a fantastic pin,” she said. “It was a pin-on-pin design with lots of cut-outs, extra colors and fine detail. It was like creating one unique piece of jewelry.”

Some organizations have a small membership, and could never use 100 pins in a lifetime. Therefore, the smaller quantities that The Monterey Company offers appeals to them. ?If I have too many pins and don?t use them, it?s a waste,? one customer explained.

Yet, there are those customers who originally wanted a small amount, but realized later that they can actually use 100 pins. It was just a matter of finding the right amount of pins for their organization.

“Whenever a customer asks for a quote for only 30 pins, I always include pricing for 100,” adds a seasoned Monterey Company salesperson. “That way, they can see all of the options before them and decide. Sometimes they decided that it?s better to buy in bulk.”

‘There are ways of dispensing of extra pins that can turn into your advantage,” adds Stark. “You can give them away as rewards for a job well done, hand them out for a $5 donation to your organization or store them away for the same event next year–as long as there’s no date printed on them.”

Some Monterey Company customers who only wanted 30 pins, but took a chance and ordered 100, are calling back to order 100 more. “I have to laugh and say, ‘I told you so!'” said another salesperson. “Our quality is so great that people want to buy our lapel pins. It’s a great way of raising money for an organization.”