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There are many things to consider when ordering a custom lapel pin for the first time.

Often a person doing so has absolutely no knowledge about design specs, metal choices, or even what goes into the actual design and making of a custom lapel pin. Luckily there are literally hundreds of companies out there that do this for you. Your job is to find the right one!

The first thing to do is search the internet for lapel pin companies. This will give you numerous sites to choose from as well as an opportunity to look through some of the sites to see what options for lapel pins there are. You want to create a list of about 3-5 companies you want to make contact with in order to interview them. Search for companies that are reputable, showcase a large amount of their previous work and provide free design consultation prior to any orders being placed.

That last point is essential because ultimately you will need someone that will be able to take the time to explain each aspect of a custom lapel pin creation to you in order to help you make the most informed decision. Without this, the entire process can be incredibly frustrating and confusing.

Once a company with free consultation is found, you can go through the process of answering a few questions for yourself:
– What will the custom lapel pin be used for? Most pin companies will hopefully create a pin appropriate to the event. For example, if you need 10,000 pins for a give-a-way a printed pin would be a great option as they are lighter weight and less expensive to produce.
– How many will you need?
– When do you need them delivered? Most pin design can be created in 7 to 10 days and delivery times vary from company to company.
– What is the budget?
– What kind of packaging will you need for your pins? Will they be giving out as gifts, so boxes are needed, or handed out at a trade show so no box is needed?
– What finish would you like? Gold, Silver, antiquing… Can you have both finishes? Most pin companies will allow you to have different finishes when ordering.
– Do you have artwork or a design? Most lapel pin companies can create artwork but having something to start with even a napkin drawing can save time and get your project started in the right direction.
– Does your logo need to be reproduced exactly, or are you open to having metal separating each color? Having no metal lines limits you to a printed pin style compared to a die struck pin that has metal lines between the colors. Some people might say that die struck lapel pins have a higher perceived value compared to a printed pin because of the weight difference.
– Did you know most designs can be made into a 3-D pin? Three-dimensional pins take a little longer to produce but are well worth wait and the additional costs.
– What other options can be added to your pin? How about gemstones or deluxe clutch attachment. Sandblasting the recessed areas of your design is also a great way to enhance your design.

When you have the answers to these questions, bringing them to the design consultant will help them direct you to the best style and overall design that will fit your needs. If you have a graphic designer on staff, having them come up with a preliminary mockup to send to the promotional product company can help speed the process along as well.

More then anything, asking questions and working with a company that takes time to educate you is the most important thing toward getting that perfect custom lapel pin made!

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